Sweden’s Nobel Craze

P 09.10.2019 U Vladimir Odintsov


As the announcement of Nobel Prize laureates approached, aspiring Swedes seeking the big prize faced a major mental meltdown. It’s not surprising, as over the last hundred years this country has no more than 30 winners of this prestigious award. The stakes are bigger still if you take into consideration that Sweden hasn’t won a Nobel Prize in over eight years. The last time it had a winner was when the Nobel Prize in Literature was received by Tomas Gosta Transtrome back in 2011. It’s noteworthy that he became the seventh Swedish winner of this award, a fact that served as indictation that Sweden remains at the center of literary prowess and tradition.

However, even such a country cannot produce world-class literature geniuses every year. Additionally, there’s been a number of literature-related scandals in Sweden lately.

That’s why Stockholm launched a number of public projects in an attempt to attract the attention of the international community.

Influential forces within the country would launch the Greta Thunberg project with the young activist receiving a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s curious that Swedish child welfare social workers are going to investigate her parents, as local authorities have become concerned about the welfare of the young activist in the aftermath of the speech she gave at the UN General Assembly, notes Daily Dot. There’s a heated discussion around Thunberg unravelling across social networks, as some bloggers claim her parents must be held accountable for child abuse, as they allowed “globalists like George Soros to manipulate the young child” for the promotion of a possible environmental disaster.

However, this was not the only project that was designed to allow Sweden to compete for the Nobel Prize, as a number of other projects were launched to increase its chances.

In an attempt to score points over the environmental hysteria taking over the Internet, Sweden began promoting the idea of raising child awareness about the prospects of food insecurity. Thus, small kids were taught to eat bugs and food wastes by playing with 3D printed toys representing what may soon become their daily rations.

The people behind the ”Play Food from the Future” set are convinced that our future rations consist of insects, algae, food waste, powders, and other nutritious and “environmentally friendly” foods. So far, they’ve managed to get a WIN WIN Award, but it’s clear that the aspiration to obtain the vastly more prestigious Nobel Prize is there. However, a WIN WIN Award is still being described as world’s leading sustainability award by some publications.

It’s regrettable that instead of nominating a package of radical economic measures put forward by the Green New Deal of the Democratic Party, a program of the Swedish behavioral scientist Magnus Soderlund has much better chances. And don’t be surprised to learn that this program promotes cannibalism.

As Summit News reports:

Appearing on Swedish television to talk about an event based around the “food of the future,” Magnus Söderlund said he would be holding seminars on the necessity of consuming human flesh in order to stop climate change.

Environmentalists blame the meat and farming industry for a large part of what they claim is the warming of the earth. According to Söderlund, a potential fix would be the Soylent Green-solution of eating dead bodies instead.

He told the host of the show that one of the biggest obstacles to the proposal would be the taboo nature of corpses and the fact that many would see it as defiling the deceased. Söderlund also acknowledged that people are “slightly conservative” when it comes to eating things they are not accustomed to, such as cadavers.

The discussion took place accompanied by a graphic of human hands on the end of forks.

The scientist is convinced that the taboo we all share on eating our own kind must disappear with the first bite. It’s even more curious that when Soderlund was asked if he personally may someday try human flesh, Soderlund said he was open to the idea. “I feel somewhat hesitant but to not appear overly conservative…I’d have to say… I’d be open to at least tasting it,” he told. He has also suggested that there’s more plausible options such as eating pets and insects.

An assessment of this “new opportunity” for mankind was given by The New American which stated:

This actually isn’t surprising, however, coming out of Sweden, a.k.a. Crazy Idea Central, a.k.a. Poster Boy Gender Non-conforming Youthful Sentient Biped for Western Decay. In fact, maybe the Nordic country can start by eating men, which would be far more effective at eliminating “toxic masculinity” than its 2004 idea of a “Man Tax” or its feminists’ even older stroke of genius: compelling boys to sit down to urinate (standing up while tinkling is “a nasty macho gesture,” they said.)

In turn, Fox News in a desperate bid to prevent cannibalism from becoming mainstream would point out that it may be harmful for your health to eat humans. In particular, it revealed that:

A tribe in Papua New Guinea practiced eating their dead as an alternative to allowing them to be consumed by worms, according to the Standard. The cultural practice led to an epidemic of a disease called Kuru, also known as laughing death. According to the US National Library of Medicine, the disease is caused by an infectious protein found in contaminated human brain tissue. The practice of cannibalism among the people of New Guinea came to an end in 1960.

A great many of science and media figures from different countries have already got themselves involved in the active discussion of cannibalism as a new alternative, as it becomes evident from reading Newsweek. According to Jared Piazza and Neil McLatchie, two lecturers in social psychology at Lancaster University, there is nothing fundamentally unethical or unreasonable about eating human flesh. They are convinced there’s a quite logical argument in favor of the obvious merits of cannibalism that is often rejected from being an alternative for fulfilling our nutritional needs due to our feelings of disgust. Although the authors do not go so far as to directly recommend cannibalism to people, while claiming that in the foreseeable future there would be no need to overcome our disgust, they suggest that, in principle, people are able to cope with their negative attitude towards eating human beings, if the need arises.

Swedish-American writer with a background in magazine reportage and investigative reporting, Celia Farber in her piece for The Epoch Times is amazed  at the cynicism and even, perhaps, the madness of the above mentioned Swedish professor, and Sweden in general, where an official figure proposed last month to abolish the ancient ban on the desecration of the dead and to begin eating human flesh.

Sweden’s calls for cannibalism, should not be surprising to anyone, especially after the decision of the Swedish city of Westanfors to heat the newly built school gym with the heat coming from a nearby crematorium. According to Junas Heggberg, a representative of the local church which hosts the crematorium, this heating method does not contradict any ethical principles. He is reported to admit that people ask questions, but once they are presented with explanations, they all understand, he stated, that in this way we move forward.

It must be admitted that Sweden shows quite a “way forward” for the rest of the world these days. And who knows, maybe it will actually win the Nobel Prize for its out-of-the-box thinking. After all, it awarded Barack Obama with the Nobel Peace Prize back in 2009 for countless instances of armed aggression in different regions of the globe resulting in thousands of civilian deaths!

Vladimir Odintsov, expert politologist, exclusively for the online magazine ‘New Eastern Outlook’.

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